Chris Ick

Hey there! You found my website! My name is Christopher-Thomas Abaya Ick, but my friends and colleagues usually just call me Chris. I’m a 5th year PhD student at NYU’s Center for Data Science doing research at the Music and Audio Research Lab, advised by Prof. Brian McFee.

Currently, I’m doing research on spatial audio, acoustic simulation, and event localization. I’m pushing the limits of how well we can teach machines to learn space from sound, and broadly, how well we can develop applied deep neural networks in the face of limited data.

Before my PhD, I was examining how to estimate the periodicity of oscillations in solar flare light curves as a researcher at NYU’s Department of Physics, where I did my undergraduate degree. I have Professors David Hogg and Kyle Cranmer to thank for encouraging me to branch out into the data sciences, and for giving me the opportunity to develop some projects with them prior to beginning my work at CDS.

This website is a bit sparse, and is still under construction, but if you’re looking for my CV, here it is!